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Cab Ride Series - Van Bers Vineyard

Cab Ride Series - Van Bers Vineyard

RED (Dry)
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A Wine Club 'Circle of Friends' exclusive!

Part of the 2017 Cab Ride Series (6 different wines total) highlighting the difference vineyard location (terroir) makes in wine. All wines in this series were vinified in the exact same way, leaving the difference that terroir makes in a wine to shine through. 
We work hard to create wines that delight the taste buds AND educate at the same time (hence the different wine series we provide).  We want you to be able to grow in your wine experience within our club.  We want you to enjoy being a wine insider with special knowledge!

Collect them all and taste for yourself- Van Bers, Briar Creek, Hunter Farms, Smith, Neumann, and Highland!

Naturally you have noticed that the 'Circle of Friends' front label for this series all look the same. These are all different wines. It is the back label that defines what wine is inside the bottle. If you look at the back label of these Circle of Friends labelled wines, you will read that they are all from different vineyards. So, please be sure to refer to the back label to know what wine you are enjoying.


This wine will challenge you intellectually while holding your attention with its seductive call.  As you explore the layered, individual elements of warm field berries, tart cherry and black current, the overall effect of this rich blend of flavours pulls you in and keeps you guessing.  Just when you think that you have the wine “figured out” it takes yet another sharp turn and reengages your interest.  A bright acidity retains the wine’s focus while opening the door to perfect pairings.  This pleasant acidity also adds an invigorating nervous energy that makes the wine simply irresistible.  All the pieces are there and they are blended graciously to keep you actively wondering and engaged.

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Cabernet Franc
VQA Creek Shores
Bottle Size:
Residual Sugar g/L:
Total Acid g/L:
Drinking Window:
Now - 2028
Brian Schmidt
Oak Treatment:
18 months